Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Books, Noodles and Pot Roasts

Old books follow me home. Sometimes they make their ways to the shop, sometimes they live with us for awhile. Sometimes they languish in the garage. Just today I snatched a languisher in the garage book and brought it inside. Every time I've gotten out of the car for months it has mocked me for leaving it. Now I know why. It's chock full of really handy stuff to know.

Did you know.... If you are bored with potatoes in your pot roast you can add some extra liquid when the roast is done and then cook the noodles in the juice? Me neither. Now we know.

I think I'd take the roast out of the pan before adding the extra liquid and noodles. Rest that roast.

I'll share some more stuff at a later date. Now I'm going to go looking for a pot roast and some noodles.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Cabinet

Last weekend she followed us home. She is 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide. She weighs A LOT.

This week she demanded a reset of the whole shop.

I fear she may be a bit of a chippy diva, but I don't care.

I love her!

Here we are together.

Followed by shots of her with her little friends. 

Followed by random happy shop shots.

 I am in general a happy person. And this week ...even more so.