Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last Night, In Echo

Last night in Echo was like a scene from a postcard. It was a gift and a blessing from God. Amidst national sadness there was this postcard. Sweet snippets of couples, families, precious families.

The golden horses pulled the wagon loaded with folks of all ages. Many times. Mr. Meyers directed them to the best Christmas lights in town. Gus and Call did their horse work.

Somewhere in my heart I have held this postcard for my entire life. It came to life last night. The little groups got on and off of the wagon. The shop lights and street lights twinkled. We shared hot apple cider, cookies, mulled wine. We giggled and little kids were silly and safe and happy. The cafe was full of diners. Handel's Messiah filled the community center.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

And So This Is Christmas

It has happened at Gathered Over Time. Christmas has arrived! Wreaths are hung. Stuff is fluffed. Lights are lit. Shoppers are shopping.

The shop is nicely filled with cool old stuff that I have gathered for you. CeCe Caldwell's Paint has filled the chippy diva cupboard. Local artists and artisans have brought their best to 211 West Main Street. And maybe the best part; Echo is dressed for Christmas!

This Friday and Saturday (December 14 & 15) you can not only visit my store and the rest of Main Street's resident retailers, Echo Bike and Board, His Design Thrift & Gift, Coleen's A Cut Above, and Sno Road Winery + The H&P Cafe; you can hop on a horse drawn wagon and be squired around town. Coooooolieo!

So here's the deal. If there's that one thing that you really, really want that you've seen in my shop, get in here today and buy it. This weekend there will be lots of other people who will want it. ;-)

Here's the other deal. "My" artists and artisans. They are awesome!
There's Marcee, homeschooling mom who brings us the best beeswax based (from Echo bees) lip balm, lotion bars and green tea soap.

Maria, the paper artist who creates truly one of a kind blank greeting cards using vintage ephemera.

Brandi Dayton, the artist whose paintings are bright and vibrant and alive. She's brought us originals, prints and cards.

Jennifer, the soap maker aka Score Soap. Her cold processed soaps are little works of art that seem too beautiful to use, but once you do you won't be able to keep your hands off of them or take a shower without one.

Tina, 2 Cool Creations. Creating jewelry is her passion. Her pieces include carefully chosen specimens, many that she, her husband and daughter have rock hounded and faceted themselves. Looking for a statement piece? 2 Cool!

Terri, locally known as the go to sewing genius has truly brought Merry Christmas to GOT. It's big and silver and hangs on the wall. And bedspring angels, and....

Shelley, a jewery artist punches circles from brightly patterned tin boxes, reimagines vintage beads and baubles connected into perfection for you neck, ears and wrist. Really.

Bonnie and Sally, a mom and daughter in Montana. Their finds are quirky, lovely, arty. Ones of their kinds. My favorite picking partners. Next time I get to go home to Montana I'll bring even more of their finds to Oregon.

Purple Ridge Lavender ~ Some may think of Jim and Sheri as lavender farmers. If  you've visited their farm, you know that they are artists and their acreage their canvas. Visit GOT for an introduction to local lavender products. How is it that the scent of lavender can both calm and keep me awake at the same time?

Misty, the paint guru. That girl knows how to turn castaway furniture into drool worthy loveliness. With any luck at all she will have found time to bring us something wonderful this weekend. OR you might just have to keep revisiting until she does.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Renewed Crib

Yesterday one of my wonderful customers sent me a picture of her very first CeCe Caldwell Paint project. What once was a pure whiteness is now over the moon baby boy perfect!  I think she hit it out of the park. What about you?

Just shows to go you... Newish furniture is PRIME for brand new looks. Shows to go me, actually. I do get stuck in my very comfortable vintage place.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Really? Has it really?

Has it really been almost three months since my last blog post? I can hardly believe myself.

This fall has seemed like extended summer. We were slow to put the garden to bed. Often enjoyed dinner on the deck without benefit of the propane patio heater. Even today the breeze is gentle and the temperature 70 degrees. 

Each day has seemed to need to be lived as though it could have been the most important day of the year. This year summer left when she was ready. She did not hurry.

Today I feel the desire to hurry. Not one shiny Christmas bauble has made its way to the shop. Not one bottle brush tree has been gussied up. Not one wreath designed and birthed. I feel the desire to hurry. I do not feel the need. I feel the need to carefully sort the baubles. Think through the designs. Squint to decipher the country of origin on each cap.

Tomorrow I may hurry. Then again, I may not. I do promise that there will be beautiful baubles, tiny shiny trees & lovely ornament laden wreaths. I promise that the construction will be thoughtful. There will be smiles, music and a peaceful spirit present in that dining room filled with vintage wonderfulness awaiting a creative burst.

Christmas will arrive a bit later than usual within the walls of Gathered Over Time. It will arrive just on time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When You're Not Looking For It

Earlier this week Jim and I made a speed visiting run through northwest Montana. Our main goal, visiting family, breathing the same air at the same time that they do, sleeping in the same shadow of the same mountains that they do. Ahhhh. Goal met.

Secondary goal ~ find a little good junk for the shop. SCORE!

Do you think this should be made into our hanging outside sign?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lavender Festival 2012 SUCCESS

My friends, I am here to tell you that this year's Hermiston, Oregon Lavender Festival was a success. In so many ways.

Most importantly, the event raised a few thousand dollars for Agape House. Agape House is a charitable organization based in Hermiston. Dave and Jodeen Hughes ride the waves of misfortune in our community while overseeing volunteers who provide clothing and food distributions to those in need, running a thrift shop, building a welcoming temporary haven for displaced families with children, delivering firewood that warms chilled homes in the winter, and providing many, many unseen kindnesses. Gathered Over Time is proud to have been a small part of this success.

Purple Ridge Lavender Farm has opened their gates, fields to us every July. I'm sure that each person who has experienced the farm and its gracious owners Jim and Sheri is amazed by just what can be created out here in the eastern Oregon desert. Success!

Eastern Oregon. Love her or find a new home. This weekend those of us in the fields experienced almost every face of her moods. Except for hail. I thank God there was no hail. Thunder and lightening? Check. RAIN? Check. Sideways rain? Check. Windy windy wind? Check. Bright delightful sunshine? Check.

Tents were weighted, staked, tied down and held on to. Displays reworked and dried off. Tent covers taken off to prevent blow aways. Displays reworked and attempts at shade made. We laughed, whined, moaned and for the most part rolled with the punches. Most importantly, we completely enjoyed the NOT boring experience. Success!

Witnessing parents taking pictures of their little ones in the lavender, listening to live and local music of many genres, connecting & reconnecting with friends, waving to my across the street in Echo and across the grassy path neighbor in the field Lois Piercy as she introduced the strollers to Sno Road's newest wine. Being silly with tent mates Brandi Dayton & Natalie Lytton, for 2 whole days! Knowing that my rock and the love of my life, Jim Sheffield was always there when I needed him, loading and unloading, bringing us coffee, giving me that smile. Loving that my friends the shoppers, wandered through my treasure displays, visited and re-homed those treasures. Success! 

The anticipation, the labor, the sideways rain and the sunburn... all stops on the path, priceless and my true earthly treasure. Life. Lived. Out in the open for all to see and share. Success!

Friday, May 25, 2012


So, you know how sometimes usually the path you think you're on really is not the path you're on? Me too. Right now the path to the new shop location might not be the one I'm on. Not to worry! The slow path or different path is not scary and not bad. Anyway, Gathered Over Time will not be opening in a new location on June 1. For the time being we'll be right where we are. 211 East Main Street, Echo, Oregon 97826. It's a good thing. I promise.

GOT continues to grow and evolve and who knows what is next? Not me. But I suspect a lot and it makes me smile.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The date is June 1! The address is changing from 211 B West Main Street in Echo, Oregon to 201 West Main. Yep. Gonna do it. Gonna load up my stuff and march it four doors down the street. (Which always seems like up the street to me, but that's just me.)

This cool building has most recently housed The Red Express, a very wonderful deli bistro that we all miss. Yep, that great building on the corner of Main and Dupont in Echo. This is what she looks like now. We're going to fluff her right up!

Our product mix is going to change a bit. We'll always, always, always focus on quirky vintage goodness. Add in the amazingly rethought and recreated finds of Misty Demos. Now include a completely American born and manufactured line of chalk paint, creations of some local and nearly local artisans, soon to come painty / crafty / creaty classes and that's what Gathered Over Time is becoming. Truly the eclectic vintage marketplace that I have long envisioned.

Watch for our grand opening in July. In the mean time, please wander on over. Visit and shop and maybe if you're really nice I'll let you haul a box up down the street.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Books, Noodles and Pot Roasts

Old books follow me home. Sometimes they make their ways to the shop, sometimes they live with us for awhile. Sometimes they languish in the garage. Just today I snatched a languisher in the garage book and brought it inside. Every time I've gotten out of the car for months it has mocked me for leaving it. Now I know why. It's chock full of really handy stuff to know.

Did you know.... If you are bored with potatoes in your pot roast you can add some extra liquid when the roast is done and then cook the noodles in the juice? Me neither. Now we know.

I think I'd take the roast out of the pan before adding the extra liquid and noodles. Rest that roast.

I'll share some more stuff at a later date. Now I'm going to go looking for a pot roast and some noodles.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Cabinet

Last weekend she followed us home. She is 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide. She weighs A LOT.

This week she demanded a reset of the whole shop.

I fear she may be a bit of a chippy diva, but I don't care.

I love her!

Here we are together.

Followed by shots of her with her little friends. 

Followed by random happy shop shots.

 I am in general a happy person. And this week ...even more so.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Look what we found!

Are they just the cutest? Yes, they are. Mid-century grocery store goodness times 3. I have long wanted to find just one of these old shopping carts and when we found THREE I just about fainted.  They're at the shop now, waiting for YOU.