Friday, September 17, 2010

Just A Bit Ago

Just a bit ago there was a sonogram of a little girl holding onto her umbilical cord and growing strong.  Hold on Baby! Hold on!

Just last week she was a toddler waking up from her nap with sweet baby bed head.
Just the day before yesterday she was snuggling on my lap. Post nap. Nearly six years old. All legs and arms. Trying to get comfy. Succeeding as long as I held onto her foot so it didn't slip off of my knee. 
I am struck with the tenderness of the moments. Their fleeting seconds of complete peace. 
Today. Today she is still nearly six, and enthralled with big girl life. Soccer. Coffee at Starbucks with her mama. Going hunting with her daddy. Dance class. A performance at halftime with the ‘big high school girls’.

Again I am struck with the sweetness of the moments. Aware that I will look back with such affection and happiness. Today  my heart is sweetly broken yet completely happy.
Where will you grow next my first and beloved grandchild?

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