Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grapevine, Texas

Oh my goodness, did I need this getaway! Jim overworked his brain all week at Abbott and I do feel a little guilty wandering around recharging mine, but, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

I have fallen in love with this little town. The history, the main street, the gazebo, the people. What is it about little towns that just draws me in and lets me breathe more deeply, laugh more freely and sleep more soundly?

Anyhoo, I thought you might enjoy a few phone shots of things that I've enjoyed.

I could pretend that I was just taking this picture because I'm always paying attention to other peoples merchandising talents. That would be a lie. The picture was taken because I was suffering red cowgirl boot lust. I didn't give in though. DANG IT!

The quilted trees came home with us. Yes, we did have to pick up a second suitcase to make it happen, but I couldn't leave them at Adorn. They'll be making an appearance at the shop when we get closer to Christmas.

The lady in the yellow Jeep is my new friend Mac. She's sweet and a hoot and I do hope we'll see each other in Oregon. She sells antiques with an edge at the Grapevine Antique Mall, where I lusted after an aligator hide, ate really wonderful salad for lunch and picked up a few treasures for the shop. (And some just for me.)

This is Muriel. She and two lady friends were on a wine tour, or looking for one. It was hot and I can't remember. Come visit us Muriel and friends! We'll take you on a Washington Wine Country tour!

Fort Worth Stock Yards! Now, there's an experience. No, we didn't go to Billy Bob's and ride the bull, but we did have really, really good hamburgers at The Star Cafe. Yes, I did notice that the cowboy riding the mule was listing to the right. Yes, that is a beer in his hand.

God BLESS Texas! We had so much fun!!! And I only gained 3 pounds!


  1. Love Love the jealous...looks like you are having fun..oh are you home? Well anyway the reason you slept so well there isnt because of the town its because of all the shopping and site seeing..hahaha

  2. You just may have hit the nail on the head, Sally!

  3. I want to go next time!! I will bring the extra suitcase, with me in it & than pay my way home! Glad you had fun & got some goodies.