Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The date is June 1! The address is changing from 211 B West Main Street in Echo, Oregon to 201 West Main. Yep. Gonna do it. Gonna load up my stuff and march it four doors down the street. (Which always seems like up the street to me, but that's just me.)

This cool building has most recently housed The Red Express, a very wonderful deli bistro that we all miss. Yep, that great building on the corner of Main and Dupont in Echo. This is what she looks like now. We're going to fluff her right up!

Our product mix is going to change a bit. We'll always, always, always focus on quirky vintage goodness. Add in the amazingly rethought and recreated finds of Misty Demos. Now include a completely American born and manufactured line of chalk paint, creations of some local and nearly local artisans, soon to come painty / crafty / creaty classes and that's what Gathered Over Time is becoming. Truly the eclectic vintage marketplace that I have long envisioned.

Watch for our grand opening in July. In the mean time, please wander on over. Visit and shop and maybe if you're really nice I'll let you haul a box up down the street.


  1. Can hardly wait to see your new digs!

  2. Wow! So Exciting..can't wait to see how you spruce things up. Very happy to see your dreams coming into reality. What a gift.