Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lavender Festival 2012 SUCCESS

My friends, I am here to tell you that this year's Hermiston, Oregon Lavender Festival was a success. In so many ways.

Most importantly, the event raised a few thousand dollars for Agape House. Agape House is a charitable organization based in Hermiston. Dave and Jodeen Hughes ride the waves of misfortune in our community while overseeing volunteers who provide clothing and food distributions to those in need, running a thrift shop, building a welcoming temporary haven for displaced families with children, delivering firewood that warms chilled homes in the winter, and providing many, many unseen kindnesses. Gathered Over Time is proud to have been a small part of this success.

Purple Ridge Lavender Farm has opened their gates, fields to us every July. I'm sure that each person who has experienced the farm and its gracious owners Jim and Sheri is amazed by just what can be created out here in the eastern Oregon desert. Success!

Eastern Oregon. Love her or find a new home. This weekend those of us in the fields experienced almost every face of her moods. Except for hail. I thank God there was no hail. Thunder and lightening? Check. RAIN? Check. Sideways rain? Check. Windy windy wind? Check. Bright delightful sunshine? Check.

Tents were weighted, staked, tied down and held on to. Displays reworked and dried off. Tent covers taken off to prevent blow aways. Displays reworked and attempts at shade made. We laughed, whined, moaned and for the most part rolled with the punches. Most importantly, we completely enjoyed the NOT boring experience. Success!

Witnessing parents taking pictures of their little ones in the lavender, listening to live and local music of many genres, connecting & reconnecting with friends, waving to my across the street in Echo and across the grassy path neighbor in the field Lois Piercy as she introduced the strollers to Sno Road's newest wine. Being silly with tent mates Brandi Dayton & Natalie Lytton, for 2 whole days! Knowing that my rock and the love of my life, Jim Sheffield was always there when I needed him, loading and unloading, bringing us coffee, giving me that smile. Loving that my friends the shoppers, wandered through my treasure displays, visited and re-homed those treasures. Success! 

The anticipation, the labor, the sideways rain and the sunburn... all stops on the path, priceless and my true earthly treasure. Life. Lived. Out in the open for all to see and share. Success!

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  1. What a great story. Fun & Beautiful Surroundings...Sharing...Giving....I Can't think of a better way to spend the day!