Monday, November 5, 2012

Really? Has it really?

Has it really been almost three months since my last blog post? I can hardly believe myself.

This fall has seemed like extended summer. We were slow to put the garden to bed. Often enjoyed dinner on the deck without benefit of the propane patio heater. Even today the breeze is gentle and the temperature 70 degrees. 

Each day has seemed to need to be lived as though it could have been the most important day of the year. This year summer left when she was ready. She did not hurry.

Today I feel the desire to hurry. Not one shiny Christmas bauble has made its way to the shop. Not one bottle brush tree has been gussied up. Not one wreath designed and birthed. I feel the desire to hurry. I do not feel the need. I feel the need to carefully sort the baubles. Think through the designs. Squint to decipher the country of origin on each cap.

Tomorrow I may hurry. Then again, I may not. I do promise that there will be beautiful baubles, tiny shiny trees & lovely ornament laden wreaths. I promise that the construction will be thoughtful. There will be smiles, music and a peaceful spirit present in that dining room filled with vintage wonderfulness awaiting a creative burst.

Christmas will arrive a bit later than usual within the walls of Gathered Over Time. It will arrive just on time.


  1. You do have a way with words, Miss Dottie! What a nice read at the end of a most beautiful fall day. Thank you

  2. just on time....wise words my friend! Can't wait to see all those shiny baubles that you so lovingly treasure hunt for and give them new life!